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Starter Studies

Lesson 13 - Section 1

Piano Staff

Ties for Notes

There are two other types of notation we need to talk about in Starter Studies. Soon you will be moving on to Intermediate Studies and there are a few loose ends to wrap up before you go. Speaking of loose ends, let’s talk about Ties. Look at the red arrows on the staff in the image for this section. See the curved line that seems to connect two notes together? This is called a Tie. A Tie ties two notes together. If the composer wants the last note in one measure to be held over into the next measure, he/ she will use a Tie.

The first red arrow has “tied” two eighth notes together. Two eight notes Tied together equal 1 quarter note. That is how long this note would be held (for the count of 1 quarter note). The same is true for the next red arrow. As you can see they are the same (2 eighth notes tied together). You would count either example as “No-tey-ey Tey.”

Lesson 13 - Section 2

Piano Staff

Dotted Notes

Our next and last topic is Dotted Notes. Look at the red arrows on the staff in the image for this section. Each is pointing to the use of a dotted note. In the last measure on the right, there is 1 quarter note rest followed by a dotted half note. The composer chose to dot the half note instead of tying 1 quarter note to 1 half note. It is easier to read than using a tie. The same goes for the middle measure. It is easier for the player to count a dotted half note than 1 quarter note tied to a half note.

Whenever you see a dotted note it means that this note is equal to itself plus 1/2 of itself. Look at the examples we’ve already talked about (dotted half notes). A dotted half note is equal to 1 half note plus 1/2 of itself (1 quarter note). So, unlike a regular half note equaling 2 quarter notes, a dotted half note would equal 3 quarter notes.

Now look at the first measure on the left. The arrow is pointing to a dotted quarter note. If you divide a quarter note by 2, what do you get?

Answer: 1 eighth note.

So a dotted quarter note is equal to:

1 eighth note + 1 quarter note = 1 and 1/2 quarter notes.

Lesson 13 - Section 3

Pop Quiz Time

All Done with Starter Studies!

So . . . now it’s that time . . .

Time to show what you know. The next step to completing the Starter Studies portion of this online course is to take and pass the Final Pop Quiz.

Are you ready?

If not, go back and review. If so, “Good luck on the quiz.” It has been a pleasure to work with you over the past few months or more. I wish you the best and hope that you continue your studies with the Intermediate Studies portion of these piano lessons online. If not, I hope you continue with your journey to learn the piano and all it’s glory and fun.


Clinton Clark

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