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Final Pop Quiz

There are 46 questions total. In order to consider yourself as passing this exam, you must get at least 42 out of 46 correct. You have 30 minutes in which to complete the exam.

Take out a plain piece of ruled paper. Number it 1-46 down the left hand side. Record your answers for each of the 45 questions below. When you are finished, click on the Answer Key at the bottom of this page to check yourself. “Good Luck.”

Keyboard Test
On the keyboard in the figure above there are 10 notes labeled 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11.
Go to line 9 on your answer sheet and write in “free answer.”

Next, write down the name of the note for each number. Give both names for each black key.

Reading Test
On the staff in the middle of the figure above there are 34 items labeled 12 -45.
Go to line 12 on your answer sheet and write in “staff.”

Next, write down the name of each numbered item. If it is a note, be sure to include it’s “melodic name” and it’s “rhythmic name.”

Rhythm Test
Below are 3 mp3 audio files. Listen to each one and decide which one represents the bottom staff (labeled 46) shown above.

Is it mp3 file – A or mp3 file – B or mp3 file – C?

mp3 file – A

mp3 file – B

mp3 file – C

On your honor . . . your agree to the following statement: 

"I have finished in 30 minutes or less. Please show me the Answer Key so I can check my answers."

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