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Student NotesPush play on the slider bar below to hear "Balloons" ending with a G chord and a "D" note in the melody line.

Sounds like it needs to play on to get to an ending doesn't it? The song feels incomplete.

Play the melody line on your keyboard. Do your fingers and brain tell you to play the line again and again because it is not over with? This is why chord progressions and root notes are so important. They are used to bring a sense of "closure" in a song. Sometimes, the composer will purposely leave the song open with no closure. The audience is left feeling incomplete after the song. It can be a very uncomfortable feeling. This is similar to a movie that dose not clean up all the loose ends in the plot at the end. When I watch a movie like that I find myself saying something like, "Well what happened to those characters X and Y? Where did they go? What a lousy film!" We all feel at ease with closure. It is a part of life and, music reflects to us a lot about life.

That's the end.

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