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Let's take a look at a very simple song called "Balloons." (return to lesson 8 )

Student NotesThe song above ("Balloons") is in the key of C. The root note is C so, the first chord of the song is C and the last chord of the song is C. The chord progression is I-IV-V-I. Push play on the slider bar below to hear "Balloons." There is a "four beat" (1 measure) count off.

Notice that the song feels complete. It starts on C and ends on C in both the chords and the notes (most importantly the chords). Play the right hand melody line (the treble clef notes) on your keyboard. Now look at the bass clef. One measure is missing something that I forgot to put in. Do you see what is missing? Hint: It starts with the letter R and ends in the letter T.

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