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Student NotesThe most basic Jazz form is the "Swing" format. Swing uses a "staccato" and "legato" mark to setup the basic swing beat (rhythm). The swing feel is similar to taking a triplet note and tie-ing the first two notes of the triplet together. In Lesson Number 1, the listening example is in the swing format.

You could also write the same rhythmic feeling in the time signature of 6/8. In your music notebook, compose 1 measure of 6/8. Your measure should have 6 eighth notes in 1 measure. Now connect (tie) the first and second eighth notes together. Then, connect (tie) the fourth and fifth eighth notes together. "Sound out" this rhythm. "Sound out" means to figure out and play something. Notice that the rhythm sounds very much like the figure marked (b.) above.

In Jazz, the shorthand way to write swing is with "staccato" and "legato" marks. Look at the figure marked (a.) above. Figures (a.) and (b.) have the same rhythmic sound. Figure (a.) is less cumbersome to write and easier to read than a lot of triplets tied together as shown in (b.).

We have come to the end of Lesson Number 2. You have done very well. This was a long lesson. Sometime over the next week, review this lesson and record in your music notebook all the dynamic and articulation language that you learned in this lesson. Keep as a reference guide. You will need it in other lessons to come. Good day and see you Lesson Number 3.

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