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Student NotesThe figure above gives you a brief view of what your workbook should look like when you are done. Now play the notes you wrote down in the last staff (your 3 measures worth of notes).

Have you any idea of what you have just done? If I were there I would give you a big bear hug and a big pat on the back. You my musical friend have just played your first solo. Congratulations! "Three Cheers For the Music Student!" Yes, the notes you've just played represent your first solo. Now in your workbook, add the chord symbols above each of the two notes that came from the scale for that chord. Play the notes again and add the chords this time. Play each chord as a if it were made up of "Half Notes." You're on your way to becoming a fine Jazz soloist.

This exercise may seem very simple (because it is) but, this is exactly how all solo's are played. This is the basic principle for constructing any solo. The hard part is practicing this method until you can do it without first writing it down. Eventually you will be able to do this in your head and create these new melody lines in an instant. Honest!

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