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Additional Information for the task of improvising

Student NotesThe most common performance for a song, in Jazz, that includes improvisation is:

Part 1- Everyone plays the song through one time.

Part 2- Each player takes turns improvising (soloing).

Part 3- Everyone plays the song one last time and then ends it.

There are some important rules and not so important rules to adhere to in the task of improvising. Here is the first not so important rule.

Use the chords for the composers original melody line.

The only way that players can accompany you during a solo is by using a set of chords that everyone can follow. The easiest set of chords to use are those chords already written for the song's melody line. By using these chords each player, in turn, can play a solo using this set of known chords and not get lost or lose anyone else in the process.

So how does a player make up (improvise) a new melody line for a set of chords that are already written?

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