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Student NotesNow that you've studied some basic song forms, it's time to start learning about the "Solo." Solos are also referred to as "Improvising." You are about to learn to "Improvise."

If someone were to ask you to do something, some task, and you were missing something you needed to complete that task, you might "improvise" in order to complete the task.

In Jazz, the melody line is missing during the solo. You are being asked to play a song without a melody line. In order to complete this task, you will have to "improvise" a new melody line.

As with any task to be done, one needs to look at any resources available to complete the task. It's known to you that the melody line is missing and that you will need to improvise for that part of the task. So what are the resources that are available to you?


- The "Form" of the song.

- The "Chords" in each group within the form of the song.

- The other players playing the song with you.

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