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Song Form (the chart)

Student NotesListen to the examples below to help you understand the differences in the form from (A1) to (A2). The name of this song is "Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue" words by Sam Lewis and Joe Young. Music by Ray Henderson.


The ending (A3),. . . the last time through (A) . . . and the (Intro) is included here for you to study the complete form of this song.

Notice that the last few measures in (A1) and (A2) are different.

In writing, or as said in the world of Jazz "Charting" a song, a composer will use a method of "Endings" to save time, manuscript, and to let the player know that they are about to play the same group twice, but with a slightly different ending. Let's look at the next page to see how this is done.

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