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Clinton Clark - film score composer

Clinton Clark is an award-winning composer and studio musician with experience in motion picture scoring and musical landscapes for nationally touring planetarium projects, such as "Voyager the Cosmic Nomad" and "Where Time Began." This award winning work includes underscores for AT&T, American Express, McDonald's, Iowa Tourism, Prairie Meadows Race Track, Anderson Erickson Dairy and Iowa Department of Economic Development.

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All of the visual movements in a scene (walking, hand gestures, head turns, transitions, etc) contribute to a rhythmical pattern. We tap into this pattern and translate it into a tempo map for each cue. This is the first art of film scoring.  This is what turns, what appears to be a set of songs, into a film score.  Approaching the music in this way allows the film director total freedom to edit in a way that best tells the story; then the music is rhythmically and texturally designed to fit that story.

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Clinton Clark
Film scores so real you can live in the music

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"Piano on the Net," another award winning project by Clint, has been featured on the NBC Nightly News (June 1998) and on CNN (October 1997). "Piano on the Net" teaches piano and music lessons online at and was selected as one of the top 50 websites on the Internet in the August 1997 issue of WebMaster (now CIO) Magazine. "Piano on the Net" is the original Free Online Piano and Music Lesson course established online in February of 1994.

Over the years, Clint has performed with a number of recording artists such as Chuck Berry, Dennis Coffey and Mike Waggoner from The Bops. His musical training has primarily been Classical and Jazz.

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For your convenience, we have developed this Music Licensing Guide to help you plan your project budget. And, this Film Music Magazine 2011-2012 Film & TV Salary and Rate Survey (PDF - 396 KB) might be of interest to you in planning your budget as well.

If you wanted to get a head start identifying the cues in your film or game project, we have developed a handy Spotting Notes Template that you can download and use (MS Word 2010 DOCX - 86K). Print version (PDF - 152 KB).

Your Film Score (PDF - 139 KB) is a helpful single page guide that we have developed for those who are new to the process of Film and Video Game Scoring.



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