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Keyboard and Staff

Student NotesLook at middle C on the staff above. You'll notice that it has a "#" sign next to it. This means that the composer wants you to play a note that is 1 "half step" up the keyboard from "C."

Go to each white note within 1 octave and locate all the "Sharped" notes. There are five total (1 for each black note). Their names are:

C# - D# - F# - G# - A#

You are done. Congratulations. You have now mastered "Sharps."

Before you go on to the next page, I need to clear up another confusing issue. All the black keys have two names. As you have just learned, they have a "Sharp" name. In the next part of this lesson, you will learn that they also have a "Flat" name. Don't worry. This is not difficult once you see what a "Flat" is.

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