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Staff and Keyboard

Give yourself a pat on the back and a final look at the notes you've learned today.

Java Quiz Number 1
1. C is always the first white key that is to the left of _____ .
2. In order to learn to play the piano you will need to learn _____ notes.
3. Notes are written on horizontal lines called a ______ .
4. The notes that are written on the lines in the staff are C, E, G, and _____.

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You have now mastered the white notes on a keyboard. Next we will learn the black notes. Both white and black notes are important to learn if you are intent on learning to play the piano in more than one key. For now, look over this lesson and play these notes on your keyboard. Say each note in your head as you play it. Practice. No one learned anything without practice.

12 Note Companion

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