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Student NotesThis lesson is over with. Done, complete, end, finished. Good job. I admire your desire to play the piano. If you have come this far on your own without a teacher being in the room with you and pushing you, it is obvious that you do have what it takes to become a great piano player. I bow to you. Thank you.

Some day you will need a mentor, teacher, or tutor to help you sharpen the skills you are learning in this On-line course. Remember that each person has some wisdom to impart to you. You will not learn to play the piano from only one person or place. Learning to play the piano is a journey, NOT a single event. I wish you much luck and success in your journey. There will always be high points and low point along the way. I don't know about you but, when I go on a journey (such as going for a drive in the car), I'd rather drive on a road with hills and curves than a road that is flat, boring, and straight.

"Blessings to you on this day and each day after."

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