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Student NotesThat's it for lesson number 10. There is a lot to learn about music. This is why it takes so long to know it. For most people it is a life time of learning and sharing what they learn. You've done well. Teddy bear hug time again. Give yourself a large hug and pat on the back. You have earned it.

For fun, you may want to return to the previous page and play a while. Go back and turn on one example at a time, and on your keyboard, see if you can reproduce what you hear. Each example is in the Key of C so you can eliminate any sharps or flats. Use your left hand. Experiment until you find something that sounds the same as the example. Have fun. Don't work too hard at it. This is just for fun for now. We will be working on ear training and chord patterns for the left hand in later lessons.

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