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Student NotesCongratulations! You are well on your way to becoming an accomplished piano player. And, you've navigated through these lessons to another star. Yours to keep as a reminder that you've done well. Good Job.

Student Award

For the finishing touch to these lessons, you need to go to your local music store and purchase a book. Or, you may know someone who will lend you the kind of book I need you to get. I want you to find a small song book of very simple songs. The songs should not be any harder than the ones you have seen in these lessons. You are looking for a beginners song book. It only needs to have songs in it and nothing else.

I want you to set some time aside each day (30 minutes or so) to pick one song out of the book and practice playing it. If you have followed these lessons faithfully, you now have the skills to do this with confidence.

Look for a book that has 4/4 time signatures. It may have some songs that have 3/4, 2/4, and 6/8 time signatures. We will be learning these too so don't worry if you see these in the book. However, most of the songs should be in 4/4 (have a 4/4 time signature).

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