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Student NotesHere is a typical example using quarter note rests. Let's call this the "Kangaroo" song. Note that the time signature is 4/4. Push play on the slider bar to hear how the "Kangaroo" song sounds. I've added something new as you might have already noticed. There are 4 "clicks" that can be heard before the song starts playing. These four "clicks" tell the player what tempo to use to start playing the song. This routine is called "Setting the Beat." Every musician needs to know what the tempo will be in order to start to playing a song. At the bottom of the page are more terms or phases that are used to describe the same routine of "Setting the Beat."

Listen to the song and then play along with the slider bar. Do this for 5 minutes. Then push stop on the slider bar and play the song without the slider bar. Do this for 5 minutes. When you are done practicing, go to the next page.

Other terms used to describe the routine of "Setting the Beat."

  • Counting Off.
  • Giving you one measure.
  • Finding the beat.
  • Finding the tempo.
  • Determining the beat or rhythm.
  • Ana 1 Ana 2 - Mr. Welk.
  • ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR ... - Rock n Roll.
  • Giving you 4.
  • Begin counting, or tapping.
  • There are more of these, but these are the ones you'll hear the most.

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