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Staff and Keyboard

Student NotesHere are some other "C" notes and how they look when they are written on the staff. See "middle C" in the shaded area? Go to the right and look at the next "C" above "middle C." Now go to the left and look at the next "C" below "middle C."

Count the keys on the keyboard (including the black keys) and you will find that there are 12 keys (notes) between each "C" on the keyboard.  On the "Staff," above the keyboard, count the lines and spaces between two "C" notes and you will find that there are a total of 8 lines and spaces between two "C" notes.

This spacing of 12 on the keyboard or 8 on the staff, is called an "Octave." In the picture above, you are looking at "Octaves" on the staff and on the keyboard, (from 1 "C" note to the next "C" note). You will be learning all the notes in 1 octave (1 group). The octave we will concentrate on will include "middle C."

Find all the "C" notes you can on your keyboard.

NOTE: Keyboards come in different widths so don't worry if you end up with more or less "C" notes than the keyboard shown above. Look for two black keys and then the first white key to the left of these black keys. This white key will always be a "C" note.

12 Note CompanionNow that you've mastered "C" notes, it's time to learn the other 11 notes in an octave.

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