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Student NotesNow it is time to rest. I don't mean you rest. I mean it is time to learn about "Rests." Look at The "Climbing Song " again.

There used to be blank measures where no notes were written and now something new occupies the blank measure. This is called a "Whole Note Rest." In the next lesson we will go into "Rests" in more detail. Until then, it has been a pleasure teaching you. I say, "GOOOOD JOB." Well Done. Give yourself another one of those big teddy bear hugs. You deserve it. If someone were to ask you now, "Do you play the piano?" you could now officially say, "Yes, yes I do play."

For the last step in this lesson, add the two rests you see in the staff above to your copy of The "Climbing Song" in your music notebook. That's it, you're done, done and done again.

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