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Student NotesCongratulations. Now you are not only reading and playing music, but you've just finished playing your first "Duet." A Duet is two people (or in this case 1-person and 1-computer) playing music together at the same time. Your journey into the world of music is approaching a better understanding and appreciation of music, more then ever before. Blessed are the makers of music. May your continued journey be full of blessings and fun. OK, back to work.

In each "Read and Play" lesson, you will learn in the same order.
The order will be:

  • Look at the Time Signature.
  • Determine the size of 1 measure.
  • Turn on the slider bar.
  • Read the notes on the staff (moving your eyes from note to note) at the same tempo as set by the slider bar.
  • Play the notes you read on the staff (on your keyboard) at the same tempo as set by the slider bar.

That's it for this lesson. Good job. You've really done well.


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