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Congratulations. Do you know what you have just done in the preceding page? You, my friend and student, have just learned to read and play (tap) your first piece of music. You can now tell your friends, mom, dad, husband, wife, co-worker, classmate, favorite teacher, mail person, etc. that you've just learned how to read music. Give yourself a big mental teddy bear hug. Well Done. Good job. As your teacher, I now award you your first Golden Star. You've earned this. It is yours to keep forever.


Your Student Award


You can save your star by placing the cursor over the star, click and hold the mouse button down. A sub menu will pop up under the cursor and allow you to select "Save As." Choose this option and save your Golden Star. This is your first Golden Star and there are more to come in later lessons. Congratulations. In the next lesson you will be expanding your skills to read music.

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