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Student NotesHere are more "C" notes. See how they are all located next to two black notes? Good job. You have learned where "C" is on the piano. This is a big step because you will always need to locate "C" before you begin to play a song on the piano.

12 Note CompanionTo make this even easier, you only need to locate 1 "C." This special "C" is called "middle C." It's called "middle C" because, when you sit down at the piano to play, it is the "C" that is straight in front of you and in the middle of the keyboard. Look at the picture above the keyboard. You will see some lines, symbols, and numbers. This is called a "Staff." "Middle C" is also in the middle of the "Staff."

The "Staff" is where the language of music is written. Yes, music is a language just like any other (English, French, Spanish). It has rules and special characters and so forth. This language tells you what to play and where to play it on your instrument. There is only 1 note currently shown on the staff above. This note is "middle C." Let's learn some more notes on the staff and how they relate to the piano keyboard.

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