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Student NotesAs you have already learned, the Time Signature at the beginning of the staff will tell you what size a measure is. Now you are ready to learn how fast or how slow to play a measure. This is called the Tempo. If you have done the pre-lesson preparation, there is now a QuickTime™ movie file playing on your screen just below this paragraph.

Look at the slider bar (QuickTime™ file) above. The first button on the left will adjust the volume by clicking and holding down the mouse button and then sliding the volume slider up or down. Try it. The next button will play the file or pause the file. Try it. You can also click and hold on the progress (moving) button and slide it left and right to different points along the bar. Try it. The last two buttons, on the right, are for fast forward and rewind. As you can see, this slider bar is somewhat like a CD player or a cassette player. Click stop. Reset the progress button all the way to the left. Push play. You are listening to the tempo of the song shown in the staff above. It's playing at 1 click (beat) per second.

12 Note Companion

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