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Keyboard and Staff

Student NotesLet's review.
We have beats that equal:

  • one Quarter
  • one Eighth
  • one Sixteenth
  • one Half
  • one Whole

When you describe a note in music, there are at least two parts to the description. The first part, as you have learned in previous lessons, is its "Melodic Name." Its melodic name is determined by its location on the staff. There are "C" notes, "D" notes, "F#" notes and so forth. And now we are going to learn its "Rhythmic Name." Its rhythmic name tells you how long (or short) to play a note you see written on the staff.

Rhythmic Names include (from our study about beats):

  • Quarter notes
  • Eighth notes
  • Sixteenth notes
  • Half notes
  • Whole notes

So when describing a note in music, we can have a "C" note that is a "Quarter note." Or, we can have an "A#" note that is a "Half note." Just remember that there are two parts to describe each note that you see written on the staff. And, when you add all the notes together in 1 measure, they need to equal 1 whole measure.

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